Decided on my learning path

Posted on Sep 18, 2023

Updated on 20 September

It has to be something.

It’s been so much time since I picked up a good technical skill or knowledge.

I hope this post doesn’t turn into a rant, but I am here to share what I plan to follow. There are so many paths, roadmaps, guides, or websites that one can follow. Classic case of information-overload. Happened to me as well, and me, being anxious and over-thinking, it hits hard. Maybe that’s the reason I keep hopping on and off learning new things. To be honest, if it was not for this habit of mine, I would have never picked up guitar, ukulele and learned to DJ.

But this hurts my education department because nothing is ever too satisfying. Having to learn different subjects every semester, though as normal as it may seem (and it is), kinda pushes me to take them lightly, when in fact, I want to delve deep into them.

After thinking out loud, I conclude that the above in-fact, is a case with everyone. We get used to learning for exams and assignments and start missing the bigger picture… for what the subject is really for and how the concepts help us in real-life.

See what I did again?

I tend to talk and think too much.

That’s why I have decided to follow a certain guide now. It should be helpful.

I had mentioned the same in another post here that I found this while browsing their website about the program/course they were offering. It looks comprehensive to me. I am pretty sure that it will be beneficial to anyone who follows it.

Closing remarks

So yes… I have decided that I will be consulting this precious resource for studies.

Also, I have got my hands on some notes for the CompTIA Security+ certification. I plan to study it alongside the Linux/DevOps resource. To get more comfortable with the magical Linux-Python-Bash combo, I also downloaded Elementary OS and will start using.

While all of this seems like a good idea on paper, it is not so easy to keep up.

But I will try my best and I am determined this time.