The curious case of my missing Instagram story

Posted on Sep 16, 2023

I had made this post on September 12 originally.

I was waiting for a reply from Instagram naively. After reading a bunch of articles, I can state it safely that it is highly improbable that someone will even look at it.

A longshot

I will give a little bit of the backstory… I had posted a story on Instagram that said I will make a few mixes titled SANTSAT killer. Here’s the screenshot of the story which I took.

OK. So that was a little rude

The same evening of posting this, I was not able to see it anymore. Now I searched about it and it could have been that something was up with my phone itself. Low-speed internet connection perhaps. I made a new story and included it in the highlights. This way I know it’s gonna be there in my account until and unless it is reported and Instagram removes it. But today, I was flummoxed when I was not able to view the same. Well, it just needed some time (and me closing the app) to load the story.

This is the reason I am confused about the story which disappeared from the account.

What do I actually think

I asked my friend to visit my account and see the story but it was not visible on her account as well. Now I understand my internet connection might have been the issue but the same story cannot vanish from everywhere unless it was removed.

After rambling so much, I would just add my closing remarks.

  • The Instagram account of SANTSAT did see my story.
  • I couldn’t see my story after 8 hours, let alone the 24h limit
  • I don’t believe it was my internet connection

So a festival got offended that an individual wrote something bad. I accept that it was a little cocky on my part but I would have liked them to take it in a friendly manner maybe and do something else (if they DID report the story). That’s why I used the name Sorry SANTSAT this time 😎 I intend to do 2-3 more mixes in that series. And I will definitely keep them in Instagram highlights.

And SANTSAT, if you came this far to read, I can use a job as a DJ. I have good music to share ❤️