Job Hunting: Week 3: No one is even interested in taking an interview. Wow. But I will make something of my own and they will see.

Posted on Jul 8, 2024

I will start the newsletter this week. I am still applying for jobs but it’s so hard to get interviews haha. Still at it.

08 July - Monday

  • I have chosen the theme for the newsletter and I used Canva for this! They have a lot of templates.
  • I think it is better to give headlines or the title of the news rather than writing about one piece.
  • It will also allow me to gather more news in one place.
  • More things to come…

09 July - Tuesday

  • I have to build a VM environment for learning Windows Server and another environment for Malware analysis.
  • Closed in more on the template to use for the newsletter. It’s basic-simple and is dark-theme.
  • Have to write fresh content for Dezible. Maybe I should document my journey and share it on LinkedIn as well.

10 July - Wednesday

  • I was able to install Windows Server 2022 and Windows 10 Enterprise on VirtualBox successfully.
  • Made the header for the newsletter. Now will test by adding some text.
  • But there is a lot of personal work left at the moment - Administration stuff for Visa. Phew.
  • Started maintaining a spreadsheet for my daily work and keeping track of resources I use.
  • Better to follow the course on malware analysis by TCM - can move to advanced course after that.
  • Will focus on Malware, Breaches and Vulnerabilities in the newsletter - with reports/findings at the side.
  • Should also start CTFs - I found a good site

11 July - Thursday

  • I would call it a productive day. I was able to get my personal shit done.
  • There are a couple more things to take care of.

12 July - Friday

  • Looks like I am nearly done with the documentation required for the Visa thingy.
  • But it was very hot and I didn’t feel like doing anything.
  • A little sad because, though I have things-to-do already planned, takes more than just time to get on them and finish them.
  • Should not aim for perfection. Should start writing right away.

… It will be a better week ahead for sure. …