Job Hunting: Week 2: Finally graduated! Need to do something very different

Posted on Jul 1, 2024

I had my thesis defense on 28 June, Friday and I am happy to announce it was successful!

01 July - Monday

  • I will make a simple app containing cybersecurity news.
  • Yet to decide on the design scheme but have a general idea.
  • If I take a course from Udemy, should be enough to get me started towards what I want.
  • Should have no ads, no data collection, signup on a single website using QR code.
  • Simple design, easy to read single page, minimum obstruction to reading.
  • Advertisers can sponsor if the text is relevant.
  • Option to change text size.

02 July - Tuesday

  • Made a small list of resources like websites and blogs where I can see news.
  • Will be using RSS reader to fetch latest posts.
  • Created Google alerts for keywords related to cybersecurity.
  • Need to start learning development in Flutter.
  • And also plan to do some courses on the ‘LinkedIn Learning’ platform.

I have a good collection of resources to start at the moment. Maybe I can start posting content on LinkedIn. Need to create a habit of creating content.

03 July - Wednesday

  • I have started the course Flutter & Dart - The Complete Guide
  • I had started this course even before but that was the time when I was busy with the admission process as well.
  • This time, I will finish it for sure.

04 July - Thursday

  • I was able to run the test application for Flutter with Visual Studio as the IDE.
  • It was also important to apply some settings for the editor UI and it was successful (though it took some time)
  • Now I can continue following the course
  • Made a long list of things I have to do - maybe I should write more, everyday.
  • Make use of LinkedIn Learning.

05 July - Friday

  • A really productive day.
  • Figured out my short term goal and a way to align it with my long-term goal.
  • More coming soon …

Long-term goals

  • Create a web app. Invite only
  • People can choose their favorite story. Win a chance to get vouchers in cybersecurity.
  • Keep low barriers to trying your app.
  • Gamifying can help.

This way I will make something for real. And will keep learning about cybersecurity too. Let’s go.

Let’s make something useful for people.