Job Hunting: Hoping on one job application. Moving to weekly post!

Posted on Jun 21, 2024

One of my old-childhood friend came to Budapest to visit me and the city. It was really nice as we went to the Coldplay concert and even went to thermal bath. Though I enjoyed a lot, I was not able to devote much time to job hunting. I have received a warm response from one of the jobs I applied to and I am really hoping to hear positive news.

I really want to work and learn new things.

Moving to published-weekly-but-daily-update post structure

Creating a new post everyday will create a huge list of separate posts. I have decided that I will create a single post where I can keep adding/editing daily. This way I write what is important.


I am also trying to maintain my website Dezible.

So I should be learning more stuff. I do have a LinkedIn Premium subscription and the ‘Learning’ catalogue is full of good courses. I should use that.

I will collect my thoughts this weekend and implement the weekly-post thingy this Monday.

Best Regards