So it begins - Job Hunting

Posted on Jun 12, 2024

In my last post I mentioned that I will try going to a café perhaps, to study and increase my working hours. Well it worked!

I was able to finish my thesis just because I went out to an environment which was not super comfortable. In my case, it was McDonald’s. Yep, I was going out everyday, buying a coffee and sitting for 3-4 hours. Super productive

End of studies

I was able to finish my thesis on time and now I am preparing for the thesis defense. But this also means that I will have to find a job soon. So I made my CV (taking 2 long days) because it is the first thing ANY company requires from you.

My first job application? - Vulnerability Assessment Junior Analyst in Citi


Let’s look at the required qualifications for the job. It is a good reference point to start preparing for similar locations.

I have copied all the details to a separate file because the job listings are removed after some time.

Citi - Vulnerability Assessment Junior Analyst

I will try to focus on the main requirements here.

Vulnerability Assessment tools, e.g. Nessus, Qualys, etc.

Deep understanding of OSI model.

OS Security, e.g. Unix, Linux, Windows, Cisco, etc.

Understanding of common protocols, e.g. LDAP, SMTP, DNS, Routing Protocols.

Web application infrastructure, e.g. Application Servers, Web Servers, Databases.

Web development and programming languages i.e. Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, and/or .Net.

Starting it

I will now start tackling the requirements of technical skills one by one.

The first thing is to learn basic networking and protocols. So on it from now on!