The beginning of the end

Posted on Mar 30, 2024

Happy Easter!

It is actually a surprise (to me) that I am watching tutorials and started learning about Linux (because I want to know more about DevOps and maybe have a job). TCM Security has a Linux 101 course which I am following at the moment. I also made a couple of notes which I will share here. I think it’s a good practice and should continue to do it.

Day 01 notes

Day 02 notes

Thesis work

I am having a hard time focusing and getting work done. Maybe I chose a time which is a little too much for my aptitude and appetite. Thinking about the thesis has a whole gives me anxiety but have to tackle it the right way… bit by bit (just like all the other things in life isn’t it).

Will be easier that way. Hopefully. And then I will be done with my Masters.

So it is the beginning of the end (of this phase) and we will see what comes after this!

Wrapping it up

  • Keep learning Linux (even if it’s little progress)
  • Track progress on thesis