Woah, it has been long

That was a long break.

Surprisingly, it has been going well for me. I was able to take care of all my (available) deadlines and got good grades in almost all of the exams/assignments which were evaluated by the teacher.

Today is May 30, 2022 and I look forward to June 15, 2022 when Dobby would be free.

Some exciting things are coming up in the June

– Going to visit another country (it’s Europe lol)

– Gonna be a Senior Student (most probably, if they don’t care about the grades that much)

– Will visit India

– Starting to work diligently

It’s safe to say that I have learnt a lot from my experience here in Budapest.

I will try to be regular and hence, more active in this blog and my endeavours.

As you can see, happy to see you

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