Day #3 Vásárnap!

The day that everyone dreads 😀

I just checked my last post here and saw that I had to share the deadlines. I totally forgot about it, so maybe will have to start keeping a little to-do list for the sake of the posts!

Although I didn’t do the above, I did track my time today.. to see what and when did I do things.

I am not totally proud of it but I can see myself improving over the time for sure.

Thinking about today, I guess it was one of the most productive days of the semester.


We have some homework to do for the Hungarian Language class and I actually did it sincerely for the first time in this semester.

Opposed to my estimation of 1 hour, it took full 2 hours to (nearly) complete it. I am of the view that I am good for the next class now.

I think I have also never shared that I actually like learning this language. It is not easy at all, but hey, it is a language at the end of the day. The more you use it, the better you get at it. I might also take up language as a career. By that, I mean learning a language or two and THEN finding opportunities in that area.

Who knows.

Network System and Security

I like this one so much!

Our teacher is really nice and he tries his best to explain the concepts. Given the fact that we are students studying for our Masters, he is very considerate of our questions and devotes a good amount of time answering them.

I am not sure whether he did this before, but he gives small-practical assignments.

This is a great way of getting your hands dirty through a small task. And why is it cool?

Even though I might not remember all the details later on, I will still remain acquainted with some part or functionality. I think that’s way better than writing something useless, which no one gives a shit about.

What next?

I accept that I am starting to panic a little bit but I should keep my cool.

There are 2-3 reports to be made and 2 big assignments to be done.

I will not go into the detail as I will start stressing about it but that will be the main focus for this week. Hell, next week is the deadline.

I will track my time everyday and hopefully, should have more insights by the next Sunday. That will help me understand my (time) spending behaviour.

I can do better.

And hey, I recorded myself singing little part of the song ‘STFU‘ by the artist Joji.

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