Day #2 A long Saturday Walk

It is the weekend! But that also means more sulking after you spend your whole day doing nothing.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case for me.

I finally gave up on the idea of completing the Web Engineering assignment. At first I thought, it would be wrong on my part to NOT do it, after I had already written about it in my earlier post. I see that I had mentioned the possibility rightfully.

So, there’s that.

There are a few things/thoughts I want to share today.

  1. One should track their time.
  2. Taking (not so long)breaks is good.
  3. Learning a language is WAY more difficult with the way it’s taught in Duolingo (or other apps, not sure though).
  4. Deadlines should be written down.

Tracking Time

I looked at the clock.. it was 2 PM maybe. I couldn’t account for the last 3 hours in a clear manner.

It was so confusing and a little bit annoying because now, you are spending your time on a different problem altogether. Phew.

Sometimes, I spend way more time on unnecessary things. Some of them may include websites like YouTube too.

I will start documenting the things which I do in a whole day. That way, I should be able to have a report and see where I am wasting/spending most of the time.

Taking Break(s)

I walked around the city for around 4 hours today.

There is a Network and System Security assignment which is due on Monday. I decided to do that instead of the stupid Laravel shit and boy was it hard to decide on a solution.

After not being able to come up with a suitable approach, I thought of getting a couple beers.

I am not sure how it would have helped but I guess, I just needed a break.

I had ice-cream, ate 2 snack-breads and drank orange juice while roaming around. Pictures are something I never take so I will definitely try to do that on my next adventure. I am also happy to share that I was able to find an appropriate way of meeting the requirements.

Learning Language

Pareto’s Principle of 80-20 rule is something that almost everyone has come across once in their life (in one form or another). I will not even try to explain that.

Point being, the same can be applied to learning languages too.

Duolingo app is shitty. Because it takes so much time to learn sentences which one can actually use in real-life conversation. And maybe, that’s the whole point of learning a whole new language?

Learn most common words, learn how to use verbs, make sentences, try to connect words. Repeat. Practice.


It is imperative to have the goals and the deadlines in front of you.

That’s it.

I will write them down and also share here. Have a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow. Off to sleep!

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