Day #1 The Hungarian Class

Fridays are always one of the busiest days of the week.

Besides the Web Engineering class, we also have our Hungarian Language classes (yes, classes). I freaking love them but I am always learning something new. It’s fascinating.

Anyway, this post is about the experiment ‘Doing without Thinking’ and today was (technically) the first day of the same. We were required to write some sentences about our routine in the week and although I didn’t do it before, I had plenty of time in the morning before the class.

What did I do differently

  1. I did the work without thinking about how much time would it take me to complete the shit.
  2. I knew I had to get ready for the class as well. So I just knew the time, until when I had to start doing the daily chores (all the boring stuff)


  1. I was more confident about my work.
  2. I reached the class in time.
  3. I was not anxious at all.
  4. I studied and paid more attention in the class.

What did I miss:

  1. I missed both of the Web Engineering classes (both Lecture and Practice)

My Takeaway:

  1. I should be focusing on my time management.
  2. I could have done the work at night too, but I chose to slack off (maybe because I was a little drunk?)

It is a new day

There’s the Web Engineering assignment that needs to be done so I will be focusing on that for today. If I feel that it’s not worth it, then I will just leave it to focus on other subjects (which I like more than this one of course)

I will also try to list down the deadlines that I have, so I have better idea about the commitments I gotta make.


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