A little experiment

So I have been slacking off a lot, a freaking lot lately.

The funny thing is, I am just sitting there, doing nothing and just procrastinating like shit. People go out, for parties, bars, dates… I mean, they make use of the time in some way or another. Point being…

They have something to show for the time spent! (not all maybe I know but c’mon)

I am not going anywhere at all, or having crazy parties and all that stuff (which I should be doing, in moderation). It is because of this that I feel even more guilty, lazy and demotivated. This is maybe a very common concern for a LOT of other people and I am not someone special of course.

But I want to change this.

my school system

What I have noticed that I tend to spend a lot of time on the mobile (duh, like everyone else) and YouTube. I want to reduce that and I WILL reduce that. I have a lot of assignments to take care of, which can only be done if I start working on them in the first place. Sometimes it feels like I need a mentor or a guy sitting and watching over my shoulder all the time, keeping a check. Sounds like micro-management I guess, which is bad. As an adult I should be able to keep track of my time and manage it on my own.

Enough chitchat, on to the little experiment.

the experiment

It’s called ‘Doing and not Thinking (that much)’

It will be hard for me to follow this because looking back, I was always completing work on time but I always had the end goal/result in my mind. It feels like I knew what I was gonna achieve if I did well in some certain task like an exam. It is different now… I am in a new country and no one is there to look after me. No one gives a fuck here and now, I kinda appreciate the system I grew up in.

It gets things done. And this is what I want actually.

I will have to change this mentality or habit of mine. I get distracted very quickly and I want to do something related to everything. It is tiring and brings no good results. I spend most of the time thinking about the consequences rather than actually working ON it.

what I will do

I will try to not think at all (because I overthink, a lot)

I will try to get things done in a timely manner

I will document myself everyday to see whether I am making progress at all

And most importantly, I will try to do a little everyday.. which is better than doing nothing at all.

I will write about this experiment in more detail later on.


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